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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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December 06, 2000

Our Digital Demons

I'm sitting here waiting for Norton Antivirus to download (this morning I found out that MacAfee antivirus sucks! I just updated the piece of . . . now where was I?) because someone I know sent me a virus unintentionally. Why did I open it? Temporary lapse of sanity I suppose. Maybe I just wanted something to be pissed off about. After all, I had today off and nothing to do! Might as well create a problem for myself to solve. Kind of makes me think though, isn't it sad that we care more if our computer's are infected with a virus than if our friends are?

I think I do care more about computer viruses than real ones. I didn't fret the other day when my friend told me he had a cold. I just said "you should get some rest." However, when my computer gets a virus, I search everywhere for a cure. Shows how cold and heartless I am. I coddle a machine while my friend coughs up a lung.

So, in order to cure my precious machine I had to search the net for hours trying to find a clean up solution (I didn't even ask my friend what he had). I finally found one which says, basically, that I can clean up the virus but all of my windows system files will be destroyed in the process. I have Linux installed on this machine and, quite frankly, I could care less and less about my windows system files everyday. Perhaps I should just say screw it and reboot into Linux! Sounds like a plan.

In reality, I could never do that. For some odd reason, Windows is important to me. Just saying that outloud "Windows is important" makes me nauseas but it also makes me think we all put to much of our lives into our technology. My morning routine consists of getting up, turning the computer on, showering, getting dressed and checking my email & reading the news on-line. Since when did "email" replace morning coffee? Am I obsessed (shut up you guys, I am not! {g})?

The computer has become so ingrained in all of our lives that we cannot live without it. If, for example, this virus were to destroy all 3 of my computers I wouldn't be able to finish the semester of school with ease. I need to type my final papers up. My teachers actually email me grades. I would worry myself sick if I couldn't access those grades! I wouldn't be able to my "job" and make money. I need a computer to do web design. You can't do that with a pencil and paper. On a personal level, I wouldn't be able to check on my friends around the world via email or email my niece and ask her when she's coming home for Christmas (you know, I don't even know her phone number at college, just her email). Without the computer, I'd probably go nuts!

I admit, this is psychotic. However, I think the world is becoming more and more dependant on these little boxes. Some people even have sex on-line instead of in real life. Some people marry people they meet on-line. Some people don't even leave the house because of their computer and their "friends". Who needs a real life? I, for one, do! Even though I might be a little obsessed, I think real life can be nice.

So, I'm going to take this advantage of this "infection" and go outside, feel the sun shine down on my face and experience the joy of the real world! I want to smell the fresh air, see the sun, and feel the gentle breeze blowing through my hair. I want to experience the joy of nature and life! . . . What's that you say? It's what? Sleeting and snowing outside? Umm, ok then, perhaps I'll just finish downloading Norton and feel the joy of life or something some other day. It's really not that important to me.

Posted by vixen at December 6, 2000 05:20 AM

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