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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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September 24, 2001

The Intricacies of "Slug Bug"

The other day my mom and I were in the car and I spotted a Volkswagon beetle and, very lightly, hit her on the arm and said "slug bug". I don't know why. I was feeling silly I guess. She had never heard of the game so I explained:

"When we were little, we used to watch the cars go by with [friend's names] and when a Beetle passed we'd say 'slug bug' and hit each other in the arm."

So she shook her head like she understood. A few minutes later we stopped at a red light next to the same Beetle and she knocked the crap out of me and said "slug bug".

"What? You can't hit me for the same car." I explained to her. "I already got you for that one. If you hit someone for the same car or hit them for a car that isn't a Beetle, they get to hit you ten times."

"That's not fair. I didn't know that. You're making up these rules!"

"Whatever. Just don't do it again"

I saw another Volkswagon and slug bugged her again. This made her nervous and soon she was hitting me for every car that passed that even slightly resembled a Beetle, just so I wouldn't hit her. I finally just screamed "I don't want to play slug bug anymore!!" I have a bruise on my arm (granted I bruise easily) from the ordeal.

Today, we were watching TV. I was sitting on the couch next to her and a VW Beetle drove across the screen. I had completely forgotten the Slug Bug incident and I remarked "cool convertible Beetle" to which she knocked the holy hell out of me screaming "slug bug". I tried to explain that seeing a Beetle on TV doesn't count. She just doesn't get it. :-)

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September 17, 2001


This page is just moving. I guess all people aren't evil afterall.

(BTW, it's photos of people from over the world reacting to the WTC tragedy).

An Afghan-American Speaks:
"We come now to the question of bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age. Trouble is, that's been done. The Soviets took care of it already. Make the Afghans suffer? They're already suffering. Level their houses? Done. Turn their schools into piles of rubble? Done. Eradicate their hospitals? Done. Destroy their infrastructure? Cut them off from medicine and healthcare? Too late. Someone already did all that. New bombs would only stir the rubble of earlier bombs. Would they at least get the Taliban? Not likely. In today's Afghanistan, only the Taliban eat, only they have the means to move around. They'd slip away and hide."

Article about Big Brother

And, in other news, Big Brother participants aren't going to be informed about the WTC attacks. They are told it happened but not of the severity. So much for human compassion. Way to go network! You know, I hated that show before but I hate it even more now.

Happy Quote from article:
"It at first appeared that Monica's cousin, Tamitha Freeman, had been injured in New York but was fine. Now, she is listed among the several thousand World Trade Center workers still missing, and presumed dead, although it appears Monica has been told that she most likely can't be located due to downed phone lines."

Vets From Russia
I think many Americans are under the impression that a war with Afghanstan will be easy and that they are backwards hicks who will be easily overtaken. This is from a veteran of teh war between Afghanstan and Russia. About 40,000 Russians died in that war.

"If the Americans go to war, I pity those boys. And their mothers and sisters and brothers. It will be 10 times worse than Vietnam. Vietnam will be a picnic by comparison. Here they will get it in the teeth. Oh. They will get it good. Rockets won't save you: There's nothing out there to shoot at. Blast away years' worth of ammo. The mountains will survive anything."

And more on Afghanstan and how hard a battle it will be if we send ground trops in.

Read the Whole Deal

"The Taliban is estimated to have no more than 45,000 troops, including up to 12,000 foreign troops -- Pakistanis, Arabs, Uzbeks and others, according to most estimates. Pakistani military officials said they are uncertain how large an arsenal the Taliban has assembled but said the militia is armed with Soviet T-59 and T-55 tanks left over from the 1980s, as well as artillery guns, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, antiaircraft and antitank missiles, aging Soviet MIG and Sukoi fighter planes, mortars and thousands of small arms."

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September 16, 2001

Random Drawings

Mommy Liberty

I like this drawing. If you like it too, visit her
Cafe Press Store
and support the artist's efforts. Donations will be made to charities.

The Tower
And for those who scoff at the Tarot, I've been drawing a single card everyday and recording for the past few months. I haven't done it this past week (for obvious reasons) but I drew one today (The Four of Swords which normally means you need a rest to recover emotionally or physically). I was entering it in my notebook and I noticed that last week I drew the Tower (on the 9th). I guess I didn't think much about it then. I wrote under the entry "sudden catastrophe : I assume this is because Amber is coming into town next week. Oh happy days.". My god. how silly my problems seem now. I've looked back through my notes and it's the only time I've ever drawn the tower. It's funny how the same cards keep coming up over and over again in my life. Suddenly I feel eerie. I don't want to play with these anymore.

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September 15, 2001

URL /f/42/31/7m/ /us/ attacks_arabs_and_muslims_26.html

This is a story which discusses some of the attacks made against Arab-Americans for no good reason whatsoever. Stories like this and the people who commit these crimes against innocent people because of their heritage make me sick. I would just like to extend a deep apology on behalf of these idiots to Arab-Americans and Muslims who have had to endure such hateful and disgusting treatment from the simple-brained idiots of which I'm sad to say are from our country. Not all of us believe all Arabs and Muslims are to blame.

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September 13, 2001

"I was born and raised here. I'm an American."

"I was born and raised here. I'm an American."

These past few days have been difficult, indeed, for people all around the world. Now, however, the idiotic American public decided to take the "law" into their own hands.

In Chicago, four Muslim children, aged between 5 and 10, were grabbed by a group of white men and whipped with belts. Another Muslim trader was killed in his shop for no reason. Just this morning, I turned on the news where they interviewed some Muslim women about their current stance in the US. One college aged girl told a story of how people were telling her to remove her scarf, or they were going to shoot her. Another group of women with young children, refused to bring their kids to school for fear of aggressions being taken out on them. The college girl said something that I think people fail to realize, "I was born and raised here. I'm an American."

Come on people, I know you're upset, but what in the FUCK are you doing taking your frustrations out on innocent people? The whole Muslim religion or Arabic race isn't responsible for what happened; wake up and get some sense into your damn heads. Lashing out on anybody Muslim or Arabic is worthy of saying you're just as bad as the bastards who did the bombing; you're having no discretion regarding who gets hurt, and you're hurting innocent people. People that have NOTHING to do with the attack. What in G*d's name is wrong with you people?! Who in the hell do you think you are, beating little kids...FIVE YEAR OLD CHILDREN! If anything would direct my attention away from the fact that almost 5,000 people are still unaccounted for in NYC, it's this disgusting display made by our own people to our own people. You don't think the Muslims, Arabs, etc of America aren't affected by this? I understand the public is scared, frustrated, angry, saddened...everything under the sun, but that does NOT excuse these deplorable acts of aggression. Isn't that, the hurting/killing of innocent people what makes you angry? Well, then why in the hell are you doing the same thing?

The last thing I'd like to say, is a hearty congratulations to the son of a bitch(es) responsble for this. Not only have you killed what is assumed to be thousands of innocent Americans along with other innocent people from countries including Germany and Mexico, obliterated the two towers of one of the most well-known landmarks in the world, horribly damaged another core part of the US, and ruin the lives of millions of people, you've completely screwed your own people who will have to deal with prejudices, beatings, killings, and stereotypes for probably the rest of their existance...something of which you supposedly were fighting against. You've also sealed your own fate, and will more than likely pay with your blood, and possibly the blood of thousands more innocent people should the US choose to attack in retaliation. Nice job, jackass.

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Blood=More Blood?

Can you imagine what people in the middle east are feeling right now? I can't. They always live in fear of war, but I'm sure they are thinking about what's going to happen next. How many of their innocent children are going to die because of a few extremist.

People say they want them all to die because some were celebrating the bombings. They weren't all celebrating. Some of were fearing what was to come for the rash actions. These people weren't all responsible. There, people have families and children too. {sigh} it will never end.

The graphic I used as a "title" graphic for is eerily fitting for this sitution. It's a vetern's grave yard with endless rows of crosses marking graves. Let's hope we don't have to build more.

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September 12, 2001


Not much to say that hasn't been said. I think most of us are afraid right now. Can't blame you. I'm afraid. A lot of people are. I hope they find survivors.

Peace and love to those who didn't/don't.

I'm glad my grandfather, who fought in WWII, isn't alive to witness this...

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The Still

As I sit out on my porch, I feel an odd still in the air. It's like the entire Earth is taking a moment of silence. The crickets still sing, the birds still chirp but something in the air is different. The sky is still, the moon is hidden behind clouds, there are only a few stars visible. Maybe it's just me wanting it to be different, wanting the Earth to mourn for my country. Could be She cares less. I don't like that scenario.

I've felt a still in my heart all day. Looking around at people huddled near gas stations, watching them suspiciously eyeing anyone different, watching the television. . . I saw an old man in a pharmacy watching the news in silent tears. Was it because he's seen war? Was it because someone in his family was in New York? I didn't ask. We all just sat there silently reassuring each other that tomorrow would be a new day.

Tragedy brings us all together. I can feel the grief all around me but I can also feel the warmth. People reaching out to each other and trying to sooth the pain that will never go away. The nation tries to heal even in the midst of the crisis.

Will this be the end of it? I doubt it. I can only hope more people survived this attack than died in it. I hope that this will be the worst attack on the US ever. I hope this isn't the beginning of the next World War. The next World War will probably be fought with biological and nuclear weapons. I don't want to be alive to see it.

I also hope that this won't be the start of more violence against our own people. I've heard reporters talk about racial attacks against those people who fled from their government to the safety of the US. This isn't the time to pass blame to other Americans (no matter what their racial background). Only love can heal a mess that hate creates. There is no need to harm more innocent people.

I guess tomorrow will be another day and life goes on for the living. However, today I feel like ranting nonsensically. Today it's my right to feel for the people hurt, to send love to the people still alive in the rubble praying that someone will save them and to be upset at the world for letting this happen. Today will pass. Tomorrow the sun will rise and soon, we'll move from mourning to morning.

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Words can not express...

Hot f'ing damn.

You know my previous rant? The one about the bad dream? That means jack now. This is millions of times worse....

It is in times like this that I envy my cat. Seriously. He doesn't have anything to gain or lose from the horrific, shocking events of the previous day. He has that quality of innocence -- he's carefree -- something I'm sure many, many people are longing for during the aftermath.

Growing up, the fabled stories of 2001 gave me great hope. There were supposed to be glorious space stations, world peace, people living on the moon, the end of poverty -- you name it, people said it. None of those really came to pass. To me, this officially ends my era of hope that the world would be a great place. This is but one of many things I am grieving for.

Words cannot express my feelings well enough. I'm scared -- could this have happened to me? Do I know any of the numerous victims? And isn't the US a major world power? Fat lot of good that did! It is evident to me now that nobody is safe. I'm shocked -- how in the world did this possibly happen!?. I'm angry -- The bastards who did this should be brought to justice, and NOW-- I want them dead. Thousands of innocent victims were killed; Somebody should pay. I'm relieved -- It could've been worse, I'm sure. The people on the plane that crashed outside of Pittsburgh are heroes in my mind. They were brave and compassionate enough to overpower the terrorists and crash the plane where fewer people would be affected by it. I'm also touched by the way people have come together in this awful time of crisis -- strangers giving food,shelter, and blood. The men and women who bravely seek to rescue and treat the survivors. I'm just about every emotion under the sun right about now.
What the hell is going on here?

Again, words simply cannot express. My condolences to everybody.

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September 11, 2001

Doomsday Ramblings

And, as Nostradamus said, the cities will burn. All I can say is wow. I'm shocked to tears. As I've been saying for almost on a year on this site people are horrible, vengeful, evil creatures. I despise being one of them. I would never bring a child into this awful, cruel world. If you don't already know, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center have been hit with a terrorist attack. The World Trade Center was toppled with two jets while the pentagon was hit with just one. Another hi-jacked plane crashed somewhere outside of Pitsburgh according to CNN.

It's being called the worst terrorist attack in US history. Even worse than Pearl Harbor. Will this mean war? I hope not. You'd think a species as "advanced" as humans claim to be would have moved beyond this stupid and pointless way to show "dominance". What was really the message in all this? What will be the point of the attacks that are surely going to follow? What would be the point of war? Is killing your enemy a little at a time really the way to spread your message? I guess this advanced species says yes. I say no. The attacks won't help the terrorist group that hides like a coward. Whoever did it didn't even have the balls to say "here I am". When they eventually do, everyone in the US won't hear them through the tears. They will just attack back out revenge, out of spite, out of hatred.

There is really nothing gained, just lost. Thousands of life, a national monument, a feeling of safety (and really, have we had that since the bombing in Oklahoma?). Mother's have lost children, children have lost mothers, husbands and wives are left alone, people have lost faith in the country's ability to protect us. I've heard "where was national intelligence?" all day on the news. I'd like to know that myself. Maybe they were in the pentagon and we won't have to worry about the anymore. It would be fitting for the people who were supposed to protect us from this sort of attack to be the targets, but as always it was the innocent. As always, we can hear national security making excuses for why this happened when they weren't looking. The nation has lost itself today and I am at a loss for words to express what this means to me, how this impacts me, how I feel.

Bush, however, is at no loss for words. What does Bush say? Freedom itself was attacked this morning and I assure you freedom will be defended. Make no mistake. The United States will hunt down and pursue those responsible for these cowardly actions. As always, he offers little comfort. As soon as he was elected my first thought was "He's going to make us go to war." Little did I know it would be within our own boundaries.

My heart and tears goes to all who were touched by the tragedy. It's a senseless loss. It's a senseless day in American history. We are indeed a nation lost.

"The sky will burn at forty-five degrees latitude,
Fire approaches the great new city
Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up
When they want to have verification from the Normans." -Nostradamus

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September 04, 2001

Biography of a Vixen (part 1)

Well, I was weeding through computer files trying to find my resume and I found a biography that I wrote my first week of college. It was an assignment so that we could find out more about each other, ourselves and so the prof could see how screwed up we really were. I tried to make mine sorta light while being twisted at the same time. Some of them were really disturbing. I actually got scared of one chick after reading hers. Anyways, I figured, since I have nothing better to post and the biography is one big rant, I'll post it here (did I hear you say "I'm not reading that crap." Fine, don't). I'm posting it in three or four parts over a few days. It's long. I think this actually the rough draft, because I've found a few grammatical mistakes, but whatever. You guys aren't grading me. The ending is, considering my college situation now, quite laughable, but I'll post the original one anyway.

The little girl who grew up to be different

Nineteen seventy-seven was a big year for my father. It was a year that would change his life forever. It was a year when his entire world would be shaken and turned upside down. Yes, my friends, it was the year that Elvis Presley died. My dad was a huge Elvis Presley fan. Some even said he thought he was Elvis. The death of the King brought great sadness into his heart. Oh yeah, he had a baby girl that year too.

He didnt seem to care too much about the baby girl amongst pilgrimages to Graceland and prayers to Elvis. He cared so little, in fact, that while the baby girl was barely in woom, he went out and conceived another kid. The second child was better! It turned out to be a boy. However, the first child ended up with the better bargain because her momma kicked Elvis out on his blue suede shoes and told him to find himself a place at the Heartbreak Hotel.

Dont fret, I wasnt that bad off. Who needs a father anyway? Especially one like that. Ick. He actually wanted to name me Elvis. What kind of person would do that to a kid? The little girl had a good mom and great relatives and thats more than some kids have.

Some of her earliest memories are of playing with her little niece. She was born when the little girl was only 3. The nieces mom was only 16. They had lots of fun times together.

Nobody wants you here. Youre stupid. The little girl said as they sat in front of the TV watching The Monkees one afternoon.
Nah uh, youre the stupid one! the niece replied.
Then why did your mom and dad leave you? They dont love you. Mom doesnt either. She just feels sorry for you. You killed Grandma you know.
Thats not true!
Ah huh
Nah uh. Just for that, Im going to kiss Davy Jones.
No you wont the little girl cried, she was going to marry Davy and that little brat couldn't kiss him.
Ah huh the niece began to kiss her pillow and call it Davy.
Youre gross

So, they went on arguing and fighting. The neighbor kids would eventually tire of them calling each other names and smacking each other around and start to take sides, normally siding with the little girl over her niece (of course, the little girl used to smack them around too. She was quite the bully). The neighborhood kids were another source of fun times for this little girl. She met her first best friend one-day while playing in the street with her niece.

Hello! a little boy with big eyes called out. He was riding a cool little tractor that the two really wanted to try out.
Hi they said, staring at each other. They didnt want to be rude, but they knew the boy came from the house where the demons lived. The little girls mom had told her that the people who lived there did drugs and worshipped Satan. She was scared that Satan would get her too.
What are you doing? the boy asked. Noticing the girls were drawing on the street.
Just drawing stuff the little girl replied.
Whats your name? Im Sparrow, he said getting off of his tractor to come look at the chalk drawing.
Sparrow? Thats a dumb name the little girl accused.
My parents ran over a sparrow on the way to the hospital and named me after it. I dont think its dumb.

The two became best of friends for years after. They would run around the neighborhood causing terror, build tree houses in the woods, fight, fight with other kids and do all sorts of fun stuff. Many a fun days were spent trying to get rid of his sister and her niece (once even leaving them in the woods while the two ran off laughing). They would eventually distance themselves from each other, for various reasons, to the point that they dont even say hello when they see each other anymore. However, they had fun times growing up. Sometimes, in my mind's eye, I think I can still hear the faint Can you come out to play that was shouted in my window every morning.

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