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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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April 16, 2001

For The Second Time In My Life...

I have more good news...

My psychotic, sex-obsessed roommate is leaving on Wednesday...

...and there was much rejoicing (yay)

Maybe I shouldn't be so happy, but what the hell--it beats having to listen to her whine about her inability to get laid...

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April 11, 2001

Half-Witted Men

So, I was sitting here thinking I should do something productive this morning (which has since turned to this afternoon and it's almost evening now. I might as well post something so I can fib just a bit and say "I worked on an important web project" when asked "What did you do today?". So, I was reading an article today that said men only listen with half their brain (ask any girl whose dated one and she'll agree). Women, however, listen with their whole brain. Makes sense to me.
I have to disagree with one point the researcher made. He says that because women have to expend more energy to listen it means they have a harder time hearing. Doubtful. We generally expend more energy than men to do ANYTHING and, most of the time, we're a lot better at it (if you include scratching yourself and westying in public, I will agree that men do things better). Expending more energy usually just means doing the job right and doing it well. If men can listen with less energy and not get the gist of what they hear does it really matter that they spent less energy? To me, the one who fully understands the conversation is the better listener, no matter how much energy they expended.|*||*|What does this study to mean the future of all humanity? Will women listeners overtake the world because they can listen to two things at the same time? Will men dominate women once again because they expend less energy doing things? None of those things will happen. What are you, crazy?? It just means these researchers need lives. Is this really what our tax dollars are paying for? Go find a cure for cancer or AIDS for crying out loud. Scientists are idiots sometimes.

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April 10, 2001

Happy Easter

Paganism is fun!Today I was told that I shouldn't celebrate Easter because I'm not a good Christian. Well, that is a given since I'm not a Christian at all. However, I don't see why that should keep me from making a basket for a friend and pelting people with Pagan symbols (i.e. marshmallow chicks). What's all that Christian about any of that anyway? I got a huge lecture from a Bible pusher just because I said "What's so good about Friday? Jesus was murdered, woohoo. Give me a break."
Now, even if I were Christian, I would have a problem with the name "Good Friday." Yeah, I know it's a good day for the religion as a whole because the entire religion is, basically, based on Easter, the day Jesus proved he was the savior. However, I think compassion would keep me from calling it "good" that any man was hammered to a cross and left to rot. Perhaps "Holy Friday" would be a better name. IMHO, it's far from good.

Anyway, I just like dying eggs and making bunny cookies. I don't need to hear about the religiousness of the whole thing. I know what it means and why we celebrate and I don't give a damn. It's funny that these same Christians who lecture me take their kids to get photos with the Easter bunny and buy their children little candy chicks. I've never once seen someone have their photo taken chained to a Easter cross (which I think would be fitting for the holiday) or chow down on some "Jesus last meal" flat bread or something. Instead we eat ham and gorge on chocolate. To me, Easter like most holidays, isn't really even Christian anymore.

So anyone who wants to call me pagan scum, you better check your house for Easter eggs, bunnies, chickens, Easter grass and baskets because you're taking my Pagan rituals baby and I don't like it.

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April 08, 2001

For the first time in ages...

I have good news...
TODAY IS MY LAST DAY OF WORK! Woohoo! So long, suckers!

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April 05, 2001

Vixen: Dotcomanatrix

Everybody has one, 90% of them should be destroyed. Yes friends, I speak of web sites. The web gives everyone, no matter how stupid and insignificant they are, 15 minutes of fame. I know that taste is subjective. You could be reading this and thinking to yourself "This chick should talk, this site ain't all that." While you should be shot for using the term "all that", I would have to agree that one could have that opinion of this site. However, there are some common sense and COMMON DECECNY morays that this site does not violate.

Subjective tastes or not, there is no way in hell anyone outside of mental ward can think yellow text on an orange background looks good. There is no way anyone can think psycedelic patterned backgrounds that absorb the text of a page are a wonderful idea (ok, to be honest here, I think they are a good idea in most cases. Most of the morons who use them also TyPe LiKe ThIs and lust for the Backstreet Boys. I'd rather be spared of reading that). Use common sense people!

I propose we set up an international counsel for the World Wide Web. I'll graciously volunteer to be the head of the operation. In order to get a "home page" you will have to fill out an application, undergo a credit check, go for an interview . . . pretty much what you would have to do in order to rent an apartment.

Some of the rules of this new commission:
1. No AOLers (unless under special circumstance).
Most of the worst netizens I know are AOLers, but there are a few people who are cruelly stuck on AOL and have no other option. We won't break this rule often, I suggest you get a new ISP (move if you have to).

2. All webmaster must know HTML.
Most webmasters nowadays don't even know the plug and suck editors actually write pages in HTML. Theyve never even heard of HTML. Hell, I once had a kid give me his URL in a chat room and then say "I don't know how to get on the Internet. What is the address?" Under my reign this will not be allowed.

3. You must study and memorize the color wheel before applying.
If you havent heard of complementary colors you will be banned. My eyes don't need the torture of straining to see, "EYE LUV LANCE!!" written in turquoise on a yellow background. Also, if you are going to use a background image, you will be forced to wallpaper it in your room and live with it for at least one year before you do. This will cut back on some of the trash, however blow ups of Lances face will still be popular. See step four on how to eliminate this.

4. You must undergo a series of psychological tests to make sure you are sane and competent.

If you identify any inkblot as any member of any boy bad, you will be killed. If one of the adjectives you choose is "not that innocent" you will be beaten and then killed.

These rules are just a start. I'm sure that as I feel out my role as Dotcominatrix, I will discover new areas that need to be dominated. Happy HTMLing!

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