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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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January 12, 2004

New Semester, New Plans

At the beginning of every semester, I get pumped up and post some resolutions, of sorts. You know, "I'm going to do better this semester" , "I'm going to study [so many] hours", "I'm not going to get behind." That kind of thing. I've never once fulfilled one. This year will be different. I'm really going to meet my goals. Don't laugh! Seriously. Here are my school goals for this semester.

I think I can keep those.

Just in case anyone who knows me sees this, I'm just kidding. I'm going to try and do better this semester, blah blah. I'm just not overly optimistic about it.

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January 11, 2004

Memo to CBS Sports

Memo to CBS Sports:

Not everybody has High Definition TV, so if you would kindly adjust the broadcast so that an inch (to either side) is not clipped off of most of the graphics (score, time, yardage, etc) it would be much appreciated.

Your regular season broadcasts were the best out of all the networks that air the NFL. (CBS, ABC, ESPN, FOX) Why'd you have to screw it up for the playoffs?

Here's hoping you have it fixed by the time you air the superbowl, 'cause it's annoying.

(I am planning on sending them an actual, honest-to-goodness e-mail later, cause my 25" TV works almost flawlessly for everything else.)

Feh on them.

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January 08, 2004

Bwhahahahaha . . .

We were goofing off at work today and guess what Jen found. A site dedicated to me by Derek! Isn't that special? (I won't link it as I don't want the engines to think it's popular :-)

He has issues. Man! It's actually not all that funny since he used my real name and address, something I've avoiding posting about him in any of my reviews of his service, etc. Heck, in my original reviews I used to give him props for having a good service, just poor tech support and a temper. Even years of good service doesn't make up for you being a freakin' psycho! I'm pretty sure that page counts as defamation of character and liable. If he wanted to post what actually happened, fine. However, I have never posted one lie about the guy.

More from Derek and the reasons why I was so bitchy to him (and his mature methods of customer service):

The most interesting parts of these entries are his comments! Enjoy and think about that before you use superuser networks.

The funniest part of his anti-vixen page, to me, is that he doesn't want his network's name associated with the information or he would have added "This is Derek G, from Superuser Networks" to the page. I, however, registered this domain with my real name and address (something his hosting site cannot say, which makes me boggled as to why I ever used the service. Only PO Boxes and unmaned faxes? Sounds fishy), I've used my real name several times on the site and I have no problems saying that Amanda Galiano from Little Rock thinks Superuser Networks is a horrible host and, might I add, a psychotic one at that.

A guy with any cahones would at least sign his work. So, do you think "stuperuser networks", "superloser networks" or "superuser notworks" fits our Derekins the best?

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