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August 09, 2001

Holy Hell

**Edit**: August 2003: Derek Visits Us and More of Derek. Derek, the owner of SuperUser Networks, visited our site to show his top notch {ha} customer service and decorum. If you're thinking of using, check this post and see if that's who you want to deal with!
**end Edit**

The guy is still annoying me. I hate him! As I said, I sent him a fax because his email doesn't work. Following is the fax I sent and his RUDE OBNOXIOUS reply. To think I recommended these people to friends.

My Original Fax

Please cancel my account. Consider this official notice.

Also, please note, I think it is very rude and unprofessional of you to send the same message to my email over a dozen times. I had planned to cancel my account once I got the domain settled (as I didn't want to lose my email access) via Fax, the only way it seems possible to actually contact you (you never acknowledged any emails I've sent the years I've been paying you). However, when I got your "Urgent" message, I tried to email you at and the email bounced back. It really bewildered me when I got a dozen more "Urgent" messages. You're basically flooding my mailbox with mail I can't respond to. I was going to Fax you Friday, when I have access to a real Fax machine. However the multiple emails are clogging up my inbox and downloading them is stopping me from answering my real mail.

I would also like to note that your behavior is especially unprofessional considering you didn't bother to email me when Network Solutions sent you the first 3 notifications. You promptly denied them without even questioning rather or not it was my intent to move the domain. I actually had to call Network Solutions several times, fax in proof of identification and take you off as technical contact before I could do anything because you were being such an awful jerk about the transfer. The entire process took a week instead of a day. I've dealt with a lot of webhosts as I am technical contact for a few clients and NEVER have I had a webhost who was so rude and inconsiderate when trying to transfer. If you really wanted to know rather or not it was "my intention" to move the domain, you should have emailed me instead of denying the first 3 requests. I had no problem with your services until then, I just needed more space. I've even recommended you to a few friends (noting that tech support is nil, but the service was solid). I will never, ever do that again. I'm very displeased at your arrogance. I wouldn't be surprised if a 13 year old boy was running your company instead of adult professionals.

I know very well what day of the month my account is charged on and I had planned to send a fax before then. However, even if I wasn't aware, ONE polite email would have been enough (and threatening to transfer the domain back if I don't respond immediately isn't polite). I've counted 20 of the same email so far. That is totally uncalled for.

From "DEREK"


Thank you for your response, finally. I will ignore the fact that it is obviously YOU who is a very rude, unsophisticated and inconsiderate person of which you provided ample proof by the use of abusive wording and the manner in which you wrote your fax letter, which we will keep on file. However, your fax is what we needed to cancel your account.

It seemed to be the only recourse left for me to send multiple email messages to get you to reply to my email. If you were unable to send email to us as you claim, you should have called our 800 number to let us know.

We have received your cancellation notice today, Agust 9, 2001 by fax. Your account will be cancelled on the last day of the current billing cycle, which will be on 8/19/01. Until then your account will remain open on our server, so as you can see there was no reason to withhold your cancellation notice until the last day. After this and another email which will contain cancellation confirmation number, you won't receive any more emails from me, since the only purpose of my repeated attempts was to get you to reply and provide cancellation notice. Thank you for finally taking this step, although in my humble opinion, you really need to work on your style *****.

The arrogant arse. I tried to email him back, but it bounced again. Probably for the best {g} However here would be my reply.

"I did not use one abusive word save for "awful jerk". You say it was your only recourse, however what I don't understand is why it was so important for me to answer the successful transfer request when you didn't even ask my input before turning down the other requests. If you don't consider that unprofessional, then I don't know what is. Also, the claim that it was only recourse to fill my mailbox astounds me. If I wanted to cancel my account at that moment, I would have as would any customer with any sense. One email pointing out that account would still be active would be enough to cover your butt if I would have said "I didn't know". You could have even used email notification to prove that I received it. I shouldn't have to drop what I'm doing and call you to cancel my account because your're worried about billing ME. Last time I checked, it was my credit card and I was the one paying for it. I should be the one concerned about my bill. Besides, as you mentioned, my account doesn't close until the 19. It wasn't an "urgent" situation until after the 19th, in which case you'd be billing me for a month I wasn't really using. As of today, you're billing me for a month you'd be billing me for anyway. I do see the urgency in spamming me.

Besides, I am the customer. It is not my job to politely answer email assault. Any professional who calls a customer with a valid complaint, or even an invalid one, "rude, unsophisticated and inconsiderate" needs a few tips on customer service. The customer is always right.

Keep the fax all you want. What are you going to prove? That I was a bad customer? I always paid my bill. However, with this email I could probably file a complaint with the BBB. Am I going to? No. Some customer someday might so perhaps you should change your "style".

Posted by vixen at August 9, 2001 06:12 PM

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