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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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March 25, 2003

Goodbye Saddam

This parody is in honor of the Dixie Chicks who have recently put their Dixie feet in their Dixie mouths and bad mouthed the president. I know it's stupid but so am I {g}.

(to the Dixie Chicks Lyrics, "Goodbye Earl")

Georgie and his dad were a close knit pair
All throughout his drunken days.
Both supported the country club
Both fought against the USDA
When he grewed up, young Bushy went a lookin'
To avenge his daddy's name.
Bushy got elected to the big white house
and then he thought Saddam.

Well it wasn't a year
after September Eleventh
that Bushy got an idea.
He tried to play dumb and blame Bin Laden
and use America's fears.

He gathered up his cabinent and prepared his thoughts
Thought the UN wouldn't care.
They sent him on his way and he started packing
and said, "screw y'all over there."

Later on the man sent troops to Iraq
prepared to give their lives
He called his old man
and they talked of the plan
And his daddy swelled with pride
Saddam had to die
Goodbye Saddam

This isn't personal!
It's about being free, Saddam.
You look evil to me.
Why don't you walk down your street, Saddam?
A fair fight?
Ha, I'll get you tonight, Saddam.

The troops flew in to bomb Bagdhad
They hit the town with shock and awe
The UN was spilt
and peace rallies were held
and Bushy was thanked by his pa

Well the days went by and
the war kept a going
We didn't seem to have much "awe"
It turns out the war was a waste of time
That nobody wanted at all.

So the people united
Against those who fighted
Protests all over the world.
They painted bright signs
and had picket lines
but Bushy didn't care at all 'cause

Saddam had to die.
Goodbye Saddam!
Try to kill my dad?
I'll make you wish you never had, Saddam.
I'll take your oil
Can't let it spoil, Saddam.
Don't mess with a shrub.
You'll be killed by the Dub, Saddam! Hey!
Goodbye Saddam, Goodbye!

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March 23, 2003


So, vix tells me my bio page has gotten the most hits of the entire site since March 1st. You all love me *blows kisses, winks, shows boobage*

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Strange Search Results

Alright, we moved servers and one of the handy things the new server can tell me is the keywords people search for to get to this site. Well, I hate to tell you all this but you're freaking perverts! I'm going to share some rather choice ones for your viewing pleasure.

One person came here with the keywords, "is it ok that i get pissed when my boyfriend talks about sex?" To that visitor, yes it is. It's a woman's prerogative to be a tease or just a prude. I recommend mentioning that he does, in fact, have a hand and you do, in fact, have scissors and know about Loreena Bobbit's vasectomy techniques. He'll more than likely shut up. Hey, maybe he's one of the folks who searched for "masturbation" and got to this site. If so, leave her alone you sicko.

Many people came here looking for basic variations of boobs: vixen boobs, 12 year old boobs, boobs for ashcroft, pointed boobs, covered boobs, etc. To those people, the only boobs you'll find on this site are the figurative kind, of which you're one. Other examples include Bobby "Booby" Flay who also ranks high in our search list.

One visitor wanted to know, "You suck what ?" To him, don't you wish you knew? It'll take a better man than you to find out what I suck, but I can't speak for my cohorts. They may be willing to share.

For the hundreds of people who come here looking for pediatric porn, get a life. Get some help. At the very least make a donation to us, come on! We might not have the actual porn, but where else can you get a stern "fuck off" from a complete stranger? You gotta give us something for that.

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March 13, 2003

6:00 AM

It's 6:00 AM in Baghdad. People are probably just waking up and getting ready for work probably. The US is flying over, explosions are being heard. I can't even imagine waking up to a war. I can't imagine living in a war zone all my life.

People say, "It's so sad, our soldiers are just kids." I agree but their soldiers are just kids, some even younger. We're fighting in their country. All of their children are at risk. The ones that don't die will probably lose parents or relatives. Homes will be destroyed.

"But they should take care of him theirselves. If they don't fight him, they support him. They hate America, they deserve to die." I'm sick of that mentality too. It sounds easy. Just kill him. When you have sticks and he has a gun and troops that shoot your oldest son or neighbor in front of your eyes, you're not going to fight back. You're going to be scared.

If you've been told all your life that America is bad. It's America that makes you live in filth. It's America that killed your friends and family, you're going to hate America. Look at us! We hate our own people even. Blacks, gays, arabians...and we've been taught to hate Saddam and his supporters when many of them are just following along with what they've been force-fed all their lives. They don't hate us for no good reason. They hate us for what we've done or what they think we've done (and I'm sure we've done enough to be hated) or because it's just accepted. They hate us for the same reason the Southern white male child hates the blacks. His dad did. His father before him did. If you asked why he hated them, he'd probably say something dumb like, "N****** are stupid." while his dad applauded and said, "that's my boy." He has no real reason. He gets praise for it. If he said anything like, "That racist joke isn't funny." he'd get chastized. That doesn't make it right, mind you, but it does, in my mind, make it a little understandable. I can understand why those people hate us. It's propaganda in part, truth in another. I don't know what my point is, really.

It's not that I don't support the troops. I just don't think the war is right. I think it's personal and Bush should go over himself if he wants him dead so badly. The troops, however, are doing what their government tells them to do, their jobs. They are risking their lives for it. They didn't declare war. Some of them might not even agree with it. I know most of the military folks I know hate Saddam and want him dead but don't want the innocent people to die with him. I wish them all the luck in the world and I hope that the war is quick, painless and we suffer as few casualities as possible.

May god, whatever one you worship, be with you and your families.

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