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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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February 26, 2003

Black History Month and the Bastards It Offends.

Though I don't normally read the crap in my school email, this caught my attention today when I opened it:

"We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of some incidents that have taken place on campus during Black History Month. Martin Luther King posters have been vandalized with the word "nigger" written across them. Other items advertising the 10th Annual Traditional Pow Wow, Black History Month, and Allies sponsored events have been torn down and thrown away. Taking no action in response condones racism."

I'm totally disgusted, yet not surprised in the least. It's sick that people in this area are such bastards and would deface a poster of a man who did great things and gave minorities a voice. However, it's something that I expect from the idiots around here. The majority of the people from my area are white yuppie rednecks whose main thrills involve getting drunk and shooting squirrels. It's ridiculous. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that people are going around campus doing this crap. Instead of giving the campus minorities their few days of pride and allowing them to honor their backgrounds and traditions, these pigs try to bring them down and push them into the mud. It's wrong. Very very wrong, and these people should be rounded up before they take out their prejudices on actual people. I shudder to think of what may happen if they're left to spread their hateful disease.

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February 18, 2003


Death Sucks.

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February 17, 2003

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Booyah!

There has to be at least 10" that have fallen since yesterday...
and it's still coming down strong.


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February 01, 2003

RIP Columbia Crew

Rest in peace, crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia

My condolences to everybody else involved, the family members, etc.

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