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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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December 31, 2001

Edward The Less

If you liked/disliked Lord of the Rings, you should check out this parody of it written and voiced by the former writers of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The first episode is kinda slow, but it gets better, trust me. I mean this site is all it promises to be isn't it? No? Fine! Anyway, you should just trust me.

Just to hear Mike say, "It's just as well, for loe I remained unlaid" , Crow say once again "Oh baby, where you gots to go?" and Kevin say "I would stake my very trousers on it" makes it well worth a look( I have to scare LadyX every now and then don't I?). Eleven and 12 are among my faves.

Why am I posting this? I dunno. In the same vein as "keep circulating the tapes". I feel I must spread the word to the ONE person each month who visits here. Check it out now you! In the upcoming months Mike Nelson has a new book, "Mike Nelson's Mind over Matters" and so does Kevin (Tom Servo) "A Year at the Movies" too so....ok, I admit I'm sick.

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December 29, 2001

Spam: It's just Like Christmas

I love the new AOL ad where the guy says "opening email is like Christmas, you never know what's coming!". Actually, according to my email, live teen sluts who are barely legal are coming with wild horses and farm animals. Woohoo!! It *is* like Christmas. You know, I had live teen sluts..wait, no, no. Well at least I had wild hor.....hmm, again no.

Does AOL really need to advertise more? They already have every moron who can spell their own name bothering me everyday. Do they really need to try to get the ones they haven't yet reached with their CDs, spam and "free offers"? Come on AOL, there are some people who don't deserve to be on the Internet.

Cruising the information super highway has become more like watching TV while telemarketers constantly interrupt....and you get commercials too. It used to be exactly like TV. Every now and then you'd see a paid sponsors ad (this was at the point when from time to time I'd actually click and look around to maybe help a site out). Nowadays there's popovers, popunders, interactive java ads that overtake a page, sponsored links, banner ads, ads via god. I know the ad market has crashed and it's tough going but I make it a point NOT to buy from anyone who spams me EVER no matter how good the deal (and there have been a few times when I was spammed with a product I might considered buying had I not detested the means so much). I also make it a point not to buy from popunder or popover ads (the scourge of Internet Advertising, imho). Not only do these ads annoy me but they also crash my computer when they build up (some great sites have about 30 popunder/over ads per page...normally I just leave). I don't even know why a company would consider doing this.

The real question, does anyone buy from spam? I know sometimes people buy from popunders (but it has to be a small number of people. Still, I've seen stats that say people do. I guess morons buy from telemarketers too). I've never met anyone who actually read a spam message with the intent to buy. I get hundreds of email messages a day. I only get maybe a dozen pieces of real email. I especially love the clever spam with the huge photos of porn at show up when you go to delete them. Those are always fun especially when family members who accuse you of using the computer for sex are around....oh yeah, the "enhance your sex life" "enlarge your penis" "make love your man" ones are also quite nice. Merry Christmas to all...and a big penis too.

Yes AOLers, there is a and it's probably getting ready to send you email about Nick spanking Vixen....errr....Blitzen while Mrs. Claus watches on. You can join now for just $19.95. Hot horny elves with pointy shoes are waiting....there's got to be someone into that sort of thing?

By: The elusive vixen who will remember in the new year, that's my resolution!

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December 25, 2001

BTW, I'm not dead.

Just in case you can't tell from the post below, I'm not dead. Just thought I should clarify.
Catching up with various things:
I agree with Vix: Iron Chef USA sucketh much.
And, I hate everything the other two write. It's all dreck. I can prove it. I know for a fact that the only people who come here do so because I write stuff. (Ok, ok... whatever. I just didn't feel like going to search the archives to do that "Favorite Post" trend thingymabob, whatchamacallit.)

I'm done now.

Posted by bard at 10:28 PM | Comments (7)

December 21, 2001

Christmas, or "How Greedy Can I Be?"

Heh. I know Christmas is supposed to be about giving, visiting family, etc. But, hell, I just want to gloat about some of the stuff I got.

Nintendo GameCube w/ WaveRace, memory card, and extra controller
Gift cards to Borders and EB/EBX
"Pocket Full of Kryptonite" by the Spin Doctors
"Predator" staring none other than Ahh-nold Schwartzy.
Black towels/bedsheets/pillowcases. Oddly enough, heh.

And, uh, a letter opener? A book stand? And orange? Some pens? Heh. Not that I mind, most of those were stocking stuffers.

Anyway. Should I repent now, or wait until I'm closer to death?

The end?
If you clicked "more", you're a sucker. Ha! Consider it an early April Fool's joke. Or something.

Posted by bard at 10:32 PM | Comments (2)

December 17, 2001

I knew I hated fruitcake for a reason...

While watching one of the lovely cooking shows on the Food network, I learned that fruitcake is a sign of fertility. I figured that somewhere, somehow, there was some cosmic reason why I hated it; now the light has been shined upon me...

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