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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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August 09, 2001

Superloser Networks

I'm guessing some of you already know that I call myself a web designer. Ok, I rarely actually get paid for my work, but I do sites for people. For example, my cousin, Joe Schmoe, asks "hey, would you register for me?" I tell him "Sure if you pay the fees. It's $35" (then I go register it at Godaddy for $8.95 and keep the change) and then he says "Yeah, could you put something on it too?" "Umm, there's a monthly fee to have a site and you kinda should pay me to design it." "Oh come on, you're going to charge me? I'm JOE SCHMOE!" "Fine, but you still have to pay the webhost". In this way I refer people to my favorite webhosts (and demonstrate my wussness).

I used to refer people, especially people I design for, to a certain host who shall remain nameless {coughsuperusercough excuse me, something in my throat I think}. Their technical support has always sucked (they never answer email or faxes and an answering machine always picks up when you call). Who really cares? The server is always on-line and it's cheap. In 3 years, I haven't had much occasion to use tech support anyway (although I always told newbies to stay away. Newbies call tech support everyday). That's what matters most to me. However, I have changed my tune.

Well, you guys have read my previous post about the domain transfer and hoorah, I finally got it transferred. I thought that was the end of it.

Monday, they sent me a nice email threatening me. If I didn't reply to said email and officially cancel my account within 72 hours, they would transfer the domain back (which would be fun to see since I removed their @sses as technical contact). I tried to reply Tuesday. The email bounced back. I thought, "ok, I'll just fax them...but then I'd have to dig into my closet, get the machine, hook the fax up and move the scanner around...egh, I'll do it Friday since I have 2 more tests this week" Lo and behold I got duplicate of the email Tuesday night. I though "Hmm". Then on Wednesday night I got 10 more copies of it. I tried to email them again. No such luck. I came home today and I had over 30 copies of the goddamn thing. What the hell? Does some 12 year hacker- wannabe own that company? I'm off to all the webhost rating services. If they aren't really going out of business, I'll see that they do :-p If they are, this whole thing is even more insane.

Posted by vixen at August 9, 2001 06:18 PM

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