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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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April 11, 2001

Half-Witted Men

So, I was sitting here thinking I should do something productive this morning (which has since turned to this afternoon and it's almost evening now. I might as well post something so I can fib just a bit and say "I worked on an important web project" when asked "What did you do today?". So, I was reading an article today that said men only listen with half their brain (ask any girl whose dated one and she'll agree). Women, however, listen with their whole brain. Makes sense to me.
I have to disagree with one point the researcher made. He says that because women have to expend more energy to listen it means they have a harder time hearing. Doubtful. We generally expend more energy than men to do ANYTHING and, most of the time, we're a lot better at it (if you include scratching yourself and westying in public, I will agree that men do things better). Expending more energy usually just means doing the job right and doing it well. If men can listen with less energy and not get the gist of what they hear does it really matter that they spent less energy? To me, the one who fully understands the conversation is the better listener, no matter how much energy they expended.|*||*|What does this study to mean the future of all humanity? Will women listeners overtake the world because they can listen to two things at the same time? Will men dominate women once again because they expend less energy doing things? None of those things will happen. What are you, crazy?? It just means these researchers need lives. Is this really what our tax dollars are paying for? Go find a cure for cancer or AIDS for crying out loud. Scientists are idiots sometimes.

Posted by vixen at April 11, 2001 03:46 AM

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