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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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December 04, 2000

The Election by Edgar Allen Vixen

Once upon an election crazy, the public saw two candidates: stupid and lazyThe disappointed public voted in numbers rarely seen before.
Then that day there came confusion, all reporters proclaimed in unison:
"The Votes are in" as Rather muttered, "The enchilada belongs to Gore."
"Wait! A taco to Bush?" And this went on forever more.

Gore did not trust Dan Rather so he himself sought to gather
Enough votes and had vivid visions of the scattered chads across his floor.
Eagerly he wished the night - - oh how hoped he'd win the fight
To be inaugurated on that day - - the day when he became President Gore
For the ballots held the name of the man who would attain the noble office, that's for sure
He thought the people judged Al Gore
Eagerly he saw each dent and in him welled the feeling that he was meant
To be the man the people loved and no longer be a bore.
So he kept on, without retreating, constantly repeating
"Bush is evil. I'm not retreating! I will fight as never before --
Bush will never win entrance into the White house door.
I have won! I'll hear no more."

Florida ruled, the Bush case grew stronger; but thoughts of concession possessed Gore no longer
He would not give up his fight. He would whine forevermore!
To the Supreme Court the ruling went. Who would be the president?
And while he whined, Bush would ready his presidential core
A cabinet he did design and all the while Al Gore did cry:
"I am president!!!! This is truth. I'll hear no more!"

The public they did grow weary; Fed up with the "fairness" theory
Wishing he would just concede so that they would hear of chads no more
However, he would not give up his fight and he made speeches every night
and in each and every speech he told the public to rest assure
However they did not want to listen to the man they knew as Gore
For they wanted the election to end today and be heard of never more.

Yet there he stood, ballots in hand, caroling throughout the land
The Florida votes are tainted and of that I am sure.
Bush's lawyers said together that law was followed to the letter.
The public prayed for a concession or some kind of fraud confession
Anything to stop the whining and the relentless pining by the man they knew as Gore.
He would claim victory forevermore.

Oh, how will this story end? Please don't say it all depends
On the man who has made a nuisance of himself as never before.
Someone, someone give it up! The public, we have had enough
Even in the December snow, the man that we have come to know
Harolds his rentless cry, "I have won"...forevermore!

Copyright: Edgar Allen Vixen;

Posted by vixen at December 4, 2000 11:56 PM

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