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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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February 02, 2001

Damn Telemarketers

Well, this morning, I ended up being a little late getting to my 10am class, but just as I was about to walk out the door, low and behold, the phone rings. I answer it, and hear some guy with a low voice ask for me (only my first name, too which leads me to believe this guy knows me somehow. Usually, telemarketers can't pronounce my last name, so when they try I automatically know it is one). "This is," I replied. I waited for a few seconds, freaked out that this guy somehow knew who I was, but I didn't know him. Then, finally he spoke...only to talk about how I "won" some stupid friggin' credit card. WTF! This is the freak who called me yesterday morning and had me scared out of my mind because they wouldn't leave a message. He was a rude bastard, too. The whole conversation went something like this:

Dude - "Hi, is (Lady) there?"

Me - "This is..."

Stupid Dude - "Hi (Lady), this is Mark Imasphincter calling to inform you that you have won a new college bitemy@ss Visa wi..."

Me - "No thanks, not interested...I already have a Visa."

Moron - "But this one has an intere..."

Me - "That's ok, still not interested."

F*ckwit - "Free long distance..."

Me - "Nope, I don't need it."

@sshole - "Everyone will like you..."

Me - "I don't care, I like being hated."

*click* 'beep, beep, beep'

The jerk@ss actually hung up on me. He calls me at ten in the morning to offer me some stupid f*cking credit card when I already *have* a Visa, and then has the audacity to get pissed off and hang up on *me* when I refuse? I have to say, at least the telemarketers from American Express are more polite on the phone when you refuse. I actually want the bastard to call back again just so I can argue, and yell at him. That prick. Oh well, at least that mystery is solved, however it still doesn't answer the question of who called me last Friday and left "Hi is (Lady) there?" on my answering was probably just another guy from Visa, though (it wasn't this one...I remember the voice pretty well). Whatever. If anybody from Visa is reading this, quit bloody calling me. I already have a f*cking Visa, and if I get one more call from you guys, I'm going to bloody cancel it. After that, I'm going to call back and say "well, you guys wouldn't leave me alone, so you just lost a customer since you didn't take 'I already have a Visa' for an answer." I'm sick of this nonsense. Really now, do you honestly think that badgering somebody on the phone about getting a credit card is going to make them want to sign up? Get real. Maybe you can sweet-talk some little old ladies into taking on a second, third, or fourth Visa, but you haven't dealt with a b*tch of this magnitude before. For the last time, LEAVE ME ALONE!

Damn, that felt good...

Posted by ladyx at February 2, 2001 01:58 AM

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