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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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March 29, 2001

Even More Fun!

I was blessed this morning with the time to glance through my roomie's online diary, and I must say...BWAHAHAHAHAAA!
Ok, I wonder if she's always going to play the victim during her life, or if she's going to start taking responsibility for her own actions. I've admitted on numerous occasions that I'm a bad roommate; I've also told her that if she had a problem with something I did, she should tell me instead of just letting it bother her. In her journal, she acts as if I'm completely un-approachable to her when she has an issue she'd like to discuss with me. Honey, you've never even tried. When Sarah was over and asked you what was wrong, why did you reply with "I don't want to talk about it" if you're so wanting to discuss things like an adult? What was with that two weeks in there where you said absolutely nothing to either of us? You sat in the middle of the floor pouting that whole night; not acknowledging your guest, absolutely nothing...all because I brought her a container of spaghetti from the carryout. How petty. How difficult it must've been for you to sleep that night with something so horrible on your conscience.

Another point which I found amusing was her whole issue with my online voicechatting. She said something to the effect of "what started out as a cute two hour thing has become a 24 hour obsession"...good to know I'm begrudged the chance to talk to my boyfriend because I can't see him every day like you could the weiner you went out with for a whole two weeks. I love how she tries to claim that, since we're not actually together, we can't be close to each other. Well, we can be, and very easily. Maybe I am on there too much, but you're up most of the night playing on AOL anyway, so what do you really care? You can't blame me for your not sleeping for two weeks, dear, it's not my fault when you're up until 5 or 6 am still on AOL. You don't like it, don't listen, and don't listen on the door as you leave the room to hear if I say something either about you or something sexual in nature to Tom. Oh yeah, she conveniently left out the parts where she asked me questions about his private area, and gave me a hard time when I replied with "it's none of my concern." Seems that there were quite a few facts that she "conveniently" forgot to mention, including the one where she created another AOL screen name just for the central purpose of stalking her ex-frycook, where she talked about how miserable I'm going to be "when" Tom breaks up with me, the time she tried to convince me that he was psycho based on his handwriting, and the countless number of times she mocked me and insulted me blatantly "in front" of him when he and I were talking. She mentioned something about me having low self-esteem because I found him online (I think that was the reason...something about me talking to him all of the time, I guess, I don't know), yet she found her first frycook online (he just happened to live in this city), was constantly over at his house, and on the phone with him in the bathroom until six in the morning. I suppose that's a different situation, though, because it's her we're talking about, not me. I can't easily take my computer into the bathroom, because, believe me, for the chance at a little privacy (since you never seem to leave the room that much), I would in a heartbeat. All I can do is put the blanket over my head and talk as low as I can. Just as my friends said, misery loves company, and since she's miserable, she wants me to be along with her, so hopefully we'll be all "close" and talk about how evil men are and whatnot. Sorry, it ain't happening, even *if* Tom broke up with me. It must just burn you up inside that I can be so much closer to him when he's over 800 miles away than I am or ever will be to you. Face it, dear, that's how it is, and that's how it always will be. After 20 years, I've finally found a wonderful guy who makes me incredibly happy. I think I've paid my dues; let me enjoy it in peace. I don't get pissed off when I hear you talking to yourself either when I'm in the bathroom or at night when you're on AOL...

Another thing she mentioned was the whole microwave/computer/"she takes advantage of me" thing. Yes, as I've stated a few times before, the microwave being dirty *was* my fault, and I should've had to clean it (which I did...she failed to mention that in her little posting, too), however, you should've SAID something instead of leaving a ridiculous little note. Here we go back to the "I don't want to talk about it" thing, where, even given the opportunity, you never said a damn thing. I would've cleaned it in a second if you would've said something. You assume, however, that I leave that stuff for you because "(I) know (you) won't ask me to do it"...uh, nope. The dishes I used were left for me to clean, as well, I just hadn't done it. If you would've said "I'd like everything clean now" I would've gotten up, and done it (I don't even do my own. It's nothing personal at all, just my inherent laziness). The fact that you never said anything led me to believe it didn't matter much. Again, there's that lack of communication. As far as the computer is concerned, she claimed that, the couple of times I took it apart, I put it back together incorrectly., dear, it was put back together the right way. I know where the monitor cable goes, I know where the keyboard cable goes, etc. The truth is, your machine is a POS. It's not my fault if it doesn't work right. If I were to have screwed something up, I would've paid for whatever it was, and paid to have it fixed. Wow! Somebody that takes responsibility for her own new and exciting! Of course, I'm sure once you've saved up money for a new hard drive, your 133 will be converted magically into a 700 overnight! (For those who don't know, my roommie made a comment to me once about how she wants a faster computer, so she's going to buy a new hard drive. I can understand ignorance because I'm pretty computer-ignorant myself at times, but that was just plain stupidity). She, also, could've easily said she didn't want me poking around in her machine when I asked initially, and I wouldn't fact, I would've found another way completely to fix my machine. I never would've touched it at all. It's funny that a few small words can have such a dramatic impact. She had full permission to use anything of mine that she wanted to, and I assume she did. She used my tv and vcr numerous times until I pulled the cables (which I did due to her childishness...thought I'd stoop to her level for a little while. If she wanted to act like a child, she'd be treated like one very quickly). She blames it on the dishes I apparently left for her to clean, but I didn't. I took them because I'm sick of this little game going back and forth with the "I'm not talking to you" jazz. I even left them on after a while thinking that all was ok, and I could leave them...guess not, because as soon as I found a note in her nuker, I pulled them again. I love how she's so sure that I put them back in on the weekends when she leaves (I only did it once when she left for spring break. That was it)...of course, she knows everything. She's also accused me of using her DVD player (I have a VCR, why would I want her precious DVD player?), and destroying one of her plastic glasses some odd time ago. Sorry to say, kid, but I have no reason to destroy your property. The gashes you found in your glass weren't from me. Why would I waste my time destroying something of your's? Trust me, you're not that important to me. The smudges on the DVD window are also not from least not from me using it if there are any. I've moved it a couple of times because I've taken my cables, but other than that, your player is safe from my mits. Never used it, never cared to.

I suppose, now that I've basically written enough to make even me want to vomit, I'm just going to tie up a few loose ends here and there. I never once yelled at you for leaving a mess on the bathroom floor when you took a shower and overflowed it. I didn't say "get that mess cleaned up now" or anything like that. Yes, I am both a slob and a hermit. I've never denied that, nor do I ever plan to, however, I do find it amusing that you claim you so want to "socialize," yet you're locked up in the room here a helluva lot more than I am. If you want to socialize, go socialize, and leave me alone, comprende? I get home from class, you're here, I get home from work, you're here. I get a whole, maybe, hour or two alone in the room here; the rest is spent with you breathing down my neck and looking over my shoulder to make sure I'm not talking about you. We both live here, can't deny me the same rights which you feel you're entitled to. Three more weeks, and you can move on to your next little adventure with your "best friend" Denise, whom you "disowned" only a few short months ago, and did nothing but talk trash about. Hey, have a great summer! :D

Oh yeah, I do plan on talking to her about this sometime between today and tomorrow. This rant shall not go unnoticed!

Posted by ladyx at March 29, 2001 01:41 AM

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