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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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June 12, 2001

The Walking Music Encyclopedia

I figured I'd follow in the keystrokes of my comrade and take a break from posting about that asshole, FlayvaFlay to complain about Bagism again. I'm sure you're all thrilled!
Remember that moron that vix mentioned briefly before in one of her parodies that thought the Beatles were more well-known and had more of an impact on life as we know it than Jesus Christ? Well, not only is he a dumbass, but he's getting his ass jumped on on the webboard again. I find the whole thing amusing (he's pissed off one too many people on that board), but a few things really stuck in my mind as the funniest I've *ever* seen before.

One of his supporters posted this:

"What the hell are you trying to DO? You coundn't argue yourself out of a wet paper bag and you're picking on (dillweed (name changed because 'dillweed' is more descriptive)), Master of Web Board Debate? Jesus H. Christ, that's funny."

"Master of Web Board Debate"...BWHAHAHAHAA!! That's the biggest line of bullshit I've *ever* read *g*. First of all, the guy worships the Beatles and Bob Dylan. I've seen pictures of him, and I swear he looks like he's trying to be the second Lennon or something. Same haircut, same glasses...he even has the words "John Lennon" etched on the inside frame. He also can't debate his way out of a paper bag. Only thing he does is try to cut down people, and then bullshit as much as he can, and he'll keep it going until he gets the last word. I've had my run-in with him (as has vix), and, when I proved to him that he was an idiot and that the Beatles did rip off from the Byrds, he had to shut up. I'm by no means a great debater, and the "Walking Music Encyclopedia" (as he so egotistically referred to himself) even went down. He also couldn't do shit against vix's opinions, and she argued him under the table with ease (anybody who would make that kind of a claim has some serious issues with hero worship...that and he really needs to get his head out of his ass; he's failing to see anything outside of the whole Beatles/Dylan circle).

Another thing that I found funny was when somebody called him a "retired old man". Know why that's so funny? Because he once referred to himself as an "old man trapped inside a young man's body" because of some *ahem* "complications" that he faced (I know, TMI, but at least I wasn't the one who witnessed this lame excuse first-hand). Hehehehe...he then posted that he's this really wonderful assistant manager at some half-assed music store in Canada, is an "artist," and is currently dating a 21 year old whom he spent the weekend with (21 year old what, I'd like to know. I'm betting a plant of some sort, or possibly a long-living bird). Bwahhahahaha...he's so sad, he actually felt the *need* to prove himself something wonderful to the guy who was ripping on him. Granted, the two main rippers didn't have much anything good to argue against him, but his replies were funnier than hell *g*.

And finally, the last thing that I found humorous was that he posted a little list of "guildelines" that everybody should follow if they didn't want him on their ass like he's some huge threat. Yeah fucking right *G*. Everybody's supposed to post around his beliefs just for the sake of keeping him from throwing out "you obviously don't know a THING about the Beatles because you don't know the exact number of times Paul took a piss during the 'Let It Be' sessions" lines (literally, he's that bad when it comes to somebody not getting some miscellaneous, random fact that even some of the most die-hard Beatle fans wouldn't know). His technique is quite astonishing, though. When you have a fact against him, he'll try his damndest to discredit it since it makes his arguement wrong. He can't stand being wrong; afterall, he *is* the "Walking Music Encyclopedia"...I wish I were as smert as he is. All of that musical training that I have and years of listening and studying it (the same amount of time spent as him, actually, unless he started after I did) are nothing compared to his music trivia prowess that his years of working in a music store have spurred. I'm by no means a great musician, nor am I a genius when it comes to music trivia or anything like that, but I'd like to think that the years I've spent studying that jazz (pun intended) has given me at least a tiny bit of credibility more than if I just stocked shelves with new releases.

With all this said, I feel it's time to bestow the honor of which this post was made. It gives me much pleasure to present Dingus (name changed because "dingus" was more descriptive)-the Bagism Master-Debater-with this, the Weenus of the Year award. Wear it proudly, my little Beatle-fiend.

This just made me think...Anal Weenus Arseface is the Bobby Flay of Bagism...egads, they're everywhere!

Posted by ladyx at June 12, 2001 12:47 AM

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