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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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July 22, 2001

So You're A Slut; Great! Pardon Me While I Vomit.

You know what I can't stand? Chicks who scrump celebrities. Ick ick, and ick some more. What in the hell is with these stupid assed kids who go around screwing almost 60 year old men? It baffles me, personally.
Ok, if some dumbass slut wants to scrump a celebrity, be used by them, and thrown out like trash, that's all well and good, I guess, but *why* do they insist on thinking that people actually want to hear about it? The hell?!? I *DON'T* want to hear about your sexual encounters with some aging has-been musician. Personally, I think it's bad enough that you would have such a low opinion of yourself as to stoop to the level of common dog shit and sleep with somebody famous (especially one that you were watching when you were 6 years old--they being in their 40's at that time) just because of some childish fantasy, but when you actually start telling people about it...especially telling ME about it, you're just going beyond the level of common skankiness. Actually, I shouldn't say that just because somebody has a low opinion of themself, it means they'd stoop, because those are levels not even I would sink to, and I'm the queen of no self-esteem.

I had some girl come into the chat room that I was in tonight and share one of these lovely stories of passion with me. She didn't really go into detail, but upon seeing "I slept with him," I went off completely. I called her a few choice things, told her that this guy is probably laughing about her with his friends, and generally really made her feel like a piece of shit. Maybe that was wrong on my go off on such a tangent, but in my opinion, if you're going to do it, you deserve the reputation you'll get afterwards, along with every little insult and putdown that's thrown in your direction. The girl got pissed, called me a "jealous 40 year old housewife" and left (oh yeah, being used by some wrinkly old guy who has seen more c*** than a gyno has always been my biggest dream. How I envy!). Perhaps I was too hard on her, but I still wouldn't take back what I said.

I guess what it all boils down to is obsession. She admitted to being "obsessed" with these aging pigs since she was young, so it was basically a "I had to do it" thing. Admittedly, there are musicians that I find incredibly attractive (John Taylor, yum) and that are old enough to be my parents, however, I'm not obsessed with them to the point where I'd want to sleep with ANY of them. That, to me, crosses a line which should in no way be crossed between a fan and a celebrity. That's the celebrity abusing their "power" over, what was essentially, a child (who is the same age as I am, btw :P), and this idiot being overcome with feelings of lost infatuation and innocence; which they lose at the drop of the pants. I don't necessarily mean virginity, in this case, just something that, if ever offered to me, would totally and completely ruin my view of the star I once had a crush on, and now have a certain amount of respect and admiration for. I have no problem seeing these guys as real people who live real lives, make mistakes, do whatever else. In fact, it's really a wonderful thing when you can see one of these stars as the basic human that they really are, but intimacy is still a realm that should be kept off-limits to fans. I suppose, regardless, there are always going to be a few who will go out whoring themselves to celebrities, but for the love of self-respect, don't bloody brag about it. Better to be the housewife (that apparently doesn't get any from the mailman, according to my blundering bonehead. Seeing how the housewife has a husband, I don't know why she'd need the mailman, but I digress)...actually, better to be the prude with some self-respect than to be the slut with the remote-controlled zipper.

Posted by ladyx at July 22, 2001 12:22 AM

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