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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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November 15, 2001

Yay for's birthday! Woo!!

Yay for's birthday! Woo!! Everybody rejoice!

Inspired by the great and worldy vixen, I wanted to post some of my favorites here for all to enjoy.

Favorite Post Titles - yes, it's weird, but some of them were pretty damn funny:

Bard - "Take that hoe and shove it...", "Elderly people. Who needs 'em?", and "Most Important Meal My @ss."

Vixen - "SuckyUsers The World Wide Pain In The Ass", "Fillet Flay!", "Do I give off a Perv Pheromone or something?", and of course "The Only Things Guaranteed in Life are Death and Asses"

So profound...

Favorite posts from Bard and Vix - these were hard to pick out as I really couldn't choose, but I tried *g*.

This is just classic Bard humor. Gotta love it.

Bard's Newflash -

"Dan Rather could not be reached for comment, but rest assured, he is offended.
Sam Donaldson, however, stepped into defend his friend, saying "Dan Rather is a great anchor. This "bard" character has gone too far. He has no skills to speak of, and yet insults a person who has almost become an American Institution."

Bard then retorted, "Yeah, well. Shave your eyebrow, freak.""

This literally made me jump up and cheer. I really don't like vix's niece. Really *really* don't like vix's niece, and I thought it was about time vix put her in her place. I rank Amber up there with FlayvaFlay. If they decided to breed, they would have corn-scrumpin' Gap bastards. It brought me great joy to read these words :D.

Vix's post about her niece -

"I said, "I'm flabby? Honey, you've gotten a bit a chunky since you went away to school. At one time, you might have been thinner than I was, but now your waist is about 5 times bigger than mine. You've got a bit of fat on you there, you might try some of that aerobic exercise along with the toning.""

And I *suppose* I could add one of my own. This definitely wasn't my best work, but I think its universal message is very important, and should be spread amongst the college networks as much as possible. Forget "the international language of love," this is where it's at.

An Ode To Midterms -

"Midterms, midterms everywhere.
Midterms, midterms rip out my hair.
Midterms, midterms cause only dispair.
Midterms, midterms I think I'm f*cked..."

I also wanted to add one last category of Favorite Weenus, and would like to award that honor to Bobby Flay. You suck, Bobby, and you're not afraid to confirm that every time you get in front of a camera. You've given us countless hours of joy, and gave us an outlet for insulting you and your pseudo-grillin' ways. You are a total fucknugget (thanks to Bard for giving me that term, btw). Thanks for the memories, Bobby, and may you kiss my ass.

(Come on, you know you expected *some* kind of Bobby Flay reference. *g*)

Posted by ladyx at November 15, 2001 11:30 PM

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