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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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January 20, 2002

Lifetime TV in

Don't you just love Lifetime ("television for women") movies where you're supposed to be in awe of this "strong" woman who overcomes obstacles, etc. etc. to get what she wants but you end up thinking "what a self centered bitch"? Anyway, my mom was watching such a movie earlier.

It was a "true story" about a woman who had been forced to put a baby up for adoption when she was a teenager because she was an unwed mother and her family was embarrassed. The church said it was best to give it away and pretend it never happened. I admit, that part is a bit sad. However, before she went a courting, she probably knew how her mother and society felt about unwanted pregnancies. She shouldn't have been so shocked when her family threatened to disown her if she kept the baby. Had she really been a "strong woman" she would have made a decision then to either have sex and take the consequences of possibly being disowned by her family and raising a kid or the consequences of putting a kid up for adoption OR not have sex, no? Anyway, I digress.

After the lady had been married, had two other kids (one was about 6 the other was probably 13), divorced and the adopted kid was like 22 or something, she decided she needed to look him up. So, she ignored her own kids (there was a scene where they had no food in the house and they had to call their dad because they didn't know where she was. She'd stay gone for days at a time looking and not tell her kids), harassed the birth son even though he made no attempts to contact her and the PI she hired said he knew she had attempted to contact him and had the info to call her if he wanted and basically ruined everyone's life around her. But, hooorah, it ended with the birth son and her finally getting together and hugging and him saying "I consider you both my mothers." Oh, get over it. That's so TV. I wonder what really was said in this "true story".

Honestly, I would have been more inspired had she not guaranteed her other kids years of therapy. I guess she was saying "my mom screwed me up because she was embarrassed that I had a kid, I'm going to screw you up by making you think I love your other brother more."

Yay! A useless post {g}

Posted by vixen at January 20, 2002 07:35 PM

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