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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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April 25, 2004

I Have Bad Taste in Webhosts!

If anyone ever asks me for advice on a webhost EVER again I'm going to tell them to f--k off. What the hell is wrong with my choices? First I get Superuser / Superloser Networks with the psycho who threatens to stalk me and get me fired and kicked out of school 2 years after I cancel my account (you know I'm going to link the story) and now I get Eryxma. What's wrong with Eryxma, you say? Well, I've had great service with them. I even have a few people hosted with them. However, now I found out that it's owned by a psycho kid and the employees are abandoning ship AND it's been sold to some new company. The hell?! (Yes, I'll post a link to this story too. This is actually the resignation of the one dude). This site is still hosted on the server so if you're reading this, it's all good. However, I have to wonder why I keep picking companies ran by deviant juveniles who's IQ is less than or equal too their shoe size? if Tom switch to Eryxma, I'm sorry {gg}. Really, NEVER LISTEN TO ME.

That being said I actually got lots of recommendations from people who I thought knew what was going on for Eryxma. That is why I signed up. Not because they were cheap. Not because I liked the name. I searched all the websites review sites. I admit, I didn't do that with Superuser. I just signed up because it was killer space for killer cheap. At least I learned one lesson...even if it didn't pay off. Anyway, Eryxma has been going to crap lately and I've been shopping around for someone else in case things didn't improve, but they were good when I signed on.

One of my sites has been with Readyhosting for years (since I left Superuser as a matter of fact) and they've always been good. They lost my data once but that's ok. That's why you back up (currently making sure I have fresh backups of all my Eryxma sites :-p). Maybe I made one smart choice (and now I'll go check and see my site offline and porn up instead). was also great. I assume they haven't gone off the deepend...but I wouldn't sign up just because I suggested them.

Anyway, I'm in hopes that the move will only mean better service, which should be the case. I'm just mildly amused in Patrick's post (he was always nice on the forums, btw) about the company I chose to host with. So, all in all, I don't think the folks at Eryxma are as bad as my previous experience. I didn't give them my Credit Card so I won't be worried about the billing "problems" that have been occuring. If my sites go kaput, I'll be pissed off that I lost my yearly fee but that's a lesson learned. It's just a little ironic. I imagine the kid from Eryxma will come here and threaten to kill me or something. Deja Vu

Posted by vixen at April 25, 2004 12:56 AM

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