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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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January 01, 2001

On the Edge of Insanity

It's time to make a new entry in the weblog. I'm out of ideas! I considered doing some more cheesy poetry or writing a biting review of people who forget to write rants for this page (and I don't mean anyone in particular here ). However, both of those ideas lacked a little luster. So, anyway, today I'm really pissed off at my school. They cancelled my registration because of "late payment". They did take my credit card information though and they even originally authorized a charge (which has since been removed). What makes this move even more shitty is they cancelled my registration 5 days before the payment was due! The people in the office are just trying to give me a nervous breakdown.
To contribute even more to my ever decreasing sanity, I've called them everyday this week. They appear to be closed but I still hold out hope that I can and will actually graduate someday (I just need ONE more class...rat bastards. I know I'm wonderful and great and a pleasure to have around, but they don't have to try to force me to stay in that godforsaken Uni forever!!).

On with the story, I called again today and hallelujah! Someone answered the phone. Granted, it wasn't really a person, it was a recording that said "all registration faculty are busy with other students. Please hold. Your call is important to us...blah blah blah." So I held and listened to some cheesy elevator music and held and held (occasionally getting harassed by the same voice "all faculty are still busy with other students. Please continue holding") and held and held and held...I had the strange feeling I was talking to AOL tech support or trying to get in touch with Compaq's help-line. After about three hours, the same annoying man (and I swear, if I ever see him around the uni, I'm going to kick him in the head. I now officially *hate* this man even though he did nothing to me but record a message) said "We're sorry. The office is closed. Please call back later."

What the HELL?? They put me on hold for three hours just to inform me that the office is closed. You know, one of my teachers once said I had all the making of a serial killer. I used to wonder what exactly she meant by that and what the hell I did to her to cause her to say such a thing. However, now I believe she is a great judge of character because today I was thinking I just might go up to the admission office and kick some major ass...however since the office is closed it'd probably be a waste of time. But hey, maybe I could get into the registration computers and sign up for class.

Registration is open again Monday. I just know the two fun classes (photography and painting) I've ever taken in my entire college career are going to be full. Serves me right for looking forward to taking a class. I should just stick with Organic Chemistry, Advanced Phonetics & Biometry.

Posted by vixen at January 1, 2001 06:17 AM

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