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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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February 04, 2001

Eat This!

After watching the umpteenth special that has whiny celebs whining about eating disorders on "Lifetime" or "Dateline" or something, I want to puke. No, I haven't taken up bulimia. They just make me sick. As an eating disorder "survivor" I can say that and not be politically incorrect (or at least not care if I am or not). What is with these morons and blaming everyone else but themselves for what they've done? Take some responsibility for your own actions.
I hate people who blame the media for eating disorders. I have never once looked at a Barbie and said "I want to be just like her." and if I did, I wouldn't need to throw up my food, I'd need plastic surgery. I've never once looked through a magazine, saw a stick and said "Wow, she's hot". As a matter of fact, I've never really looked though fashion magazines at all. Whenever I've ever seen a starving child or a fashion model I've always thought they looked awful. I'm sure I'm not a rarity in the world. I'm sure most eating disorder "victims" (for lack of a better term) aren't doing it because they strive to be starvation thin. I'm also sure that any normal chick with a normal mind couldn't be persuaded to barf up her big mac just because some producer says she's gotten a little chunky.

It's something inside the person that makes them always see themselves as too fat & not good enough that always makes them want to lose more weight. It's not because of any fashion mag or bossy producer. These morons who keep blaming other people are just making these disorders seem less serious than they are: "Oh, she just wants to look like Ally McBeal. No big deal. It will pass." Instead of treating this ludicrous media problem, people should be treating the problem inside of the person themselves that doesn't depend on any outside stimulus as stupid as seeing an image on TV and wanting to emulate it. It's only when the person realizes that what they are telling themselves they see in the mirror isn't true that are able to "stop the madness".

Until then, I guess we'll all think that all eating disorder "victims" (I really hate that term) are just egotist who want to be stared at and marveled at like a celebrity. They all are just vain assholes who care more about their appearance than their health. Personally, this eating disorder victim cares nothing abut her appearance. She doesn't wear makeup - EVER. She dresses in jeans almost everyday (on occasion I wear some nice khakis or slacks, I think I've worn a dress once in the past 2 years). However, she still has a problem with the scale. No matter what it tells her, even today after she's "recovered", she still doesn't believe it. Vanity? I think not. I think it's the sign of a screwed up mind, and hey, I'm willing to admit I'm pretty screwed up! :-) However, if I had been told I was just vain all my life I doubt I'd be alive even today. Stupid celebrities. I want my own eating disorder special damnit!

Posted by vixen at February 4, 2001 08:07 AM

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