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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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February 02, 2001

Reality TV Bites

Temptation Deck

Did you catch "Survivor" last night? See that hot gal on "Temptation Island?" Did ya? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, I hate you and wish you dead. That's right, the language is strong and "hate" is a bad thing, but I do indeed feel it for you and your kind. May you be infertile and never procreate more evil beings like yourself. Why? Reality TV bites! [I know, the palm tree doesn't really go with this intro, but you can kiss my arse if you don't like it. I wanted to use a picture. Just think of it as a tree from "Temptation Island" or something]

Why is reality TV so popular these days? The first reality based TV program I can remember watching is MTVs "The Real World". I never really liked it much. More to the tune of today's shows was MTVs "Road Rules" where a bunch of people were thrown together with a challenge. In the beginning of "The Real World" there was really no point to their being together except to bug the hell out of each other. I think they eventually had to come up with a business idea or something. I don't really care. It's a really stupid show. They always had the stereotypical gay man, the masculine chick, the beauty queen, the buff macho redneck, the annoying homophobic...I wanted to shoot my TV. It was just basically, "lets put a bunch of people together that are total opposites and let them fight. Like a real life "Odd Couple". The American public is too stupid to know this isn't good TV." Well, a) the odd couple were funny, not degrading and insulting and b) The American public eventually canned the "Odd Couple". Learn from it.

Back then, only the MTV generation was into this kind of thing. That's perfectly acceptable. The MTV generation, at the time, was mainly pubescent males who peed on buildings and played the star spangled banner on their armpits. Today, Reality TV is a lot more mainstream. Everyone, even grandmas, watches "Survivor"...well, except me.

An even better question to ask is what losers want to go on these shows? If my boyfriend came up to me and said "Hey baby, you want to go on a show where we can go out with other attractive people and see if we're faithful to each other?" I'd kick him in the [censored] and find a boyfriend who didn't want to get it on with a island full of chicks. It is obvious that when you sign up for that show, one of you wants and plans to get some. As for Survivor, not even a million dollars could subject me to that torture. Seeing Rich naked would have been enough for me to vote myself off (or off myself) the first day. The people who sign up must not have any lives, common sense or shame.

As for you people who watch it, you're even worse. These losers are degrading themselves for a small chance at money (unlike real actors who are guaranteed a paycheck) and you're getting a kick out of watching them? At least the contestants have a chance at getting rich (no, not the ugly, homophobic naked Rich, rich money wise). You have nothing. You're wasting your life watching actual people who have nothing better to do than run around naked on an island and try to screw each other (quite literally on Temptation Island) for cash. You're probably just watching it because you either want to see one of them naked or you want to say "At least I'm not a loser like he is!". But face it, you're watching it. You are the ultimate loser. I stand by my comment that you don't deserve to breath my air. DIE.

It's because of you these shows are still on. Don't ever come to my house. I'll castrate/spay you.

Posted by vixen at February 2, 2001 07:11 AM

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