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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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March 01, 2001

Elderly people. Who needs 'em?

Elderly people. Who needs 'em? No, really -- who does? I'd like to know. I sure don't feel as though I do.

Some of you may remember the farmer I spoke of before. The one who cut down those trees and put up a really big stable instead. Well, he's pissed me off once again. Apparently, he's decided to sell some of his land for a new senior care complex.

This new complex will be not more than a couple blocks from my home. I don't want it there, because, obviously, I don't care much for old people. And also, there was a senior care center built only about 2-3 miles away a couple years ago. Is that not good enough any more? It had plenty of spare land also; they could've built a new addition if need be. I hardly think most of their residents will be running laps around the place any time soon. I'd be willing to bet that as long as they had a nice view and some fresh air, they'd be happy. But, oh well. I'll just have to deal with them, thanks to the new complex.

Deal with them calling me "kid". Grr.
Deal with them using my full name. Grr.
Deal with their poor driving. Grr.
Deal with their stench. Grr.

Sure, I admit that not all seniors are bad. Some are neat and fun to hang around. But, for the most part, they annoy me.

Due to the general apathy of my generation, they basically run the government.
"I can't live without social security!" -- So, they put the financial burden on us. Look: The body was really only designed to live 30 or 40 years. After this point, it begins to deteriorate. Don't complain about arthritis. Don't complain about any other old-age related problem. I don't want to hear it. Personally, money is better spent in serch of a cure for cancer, AIDS, or any of a number of childhood diseases. This lets the younger generation be healthier, and therefore, more productive. They build things, they come up with new ideas, inventions, etc. You're retired. What, exactly, do you provide society? Wisdom?
In some cases, yes. Often times, however, that wisdom does not apply. Things are obviously much different from when you were growing up. And while I think it is admirable that you try to keep up and adapt to the changing situation, it is often a futile effort.

My one set of grandparents calls often with a computer related problem. Fine, I help. They send "VIRUS ALERT" emails. Nice thought I suppose, but they don't realize that most of those are fraudulent. Into the trash can it goes. And periodically, they want to upgrade their system. I guess it's putting more money back into circulation. But does that 800mhz processor really make Word (well, eventually it will -- but that's a whole different rant) run faster? How about Netscape? I don't think so. This is also the grandfather who comes over occasionally, and upon seeing my computer not in use, helps himself. Often times this screws something up or at least becomes an annoyance.

And then you have that whole Broward county situation, mostly due to the elderly. I know you have a right to vote; I encourage it. But was all that complaining really needed?

I'd really like to tell some of these people off. There exists a social stigma against this, however. "Respect your elders!" To that I say, hell no. If something warrants it, I should be able to speak my mind to them. Why is it considered somewhat acceptable (ideally, there would be no arguements) to get into an arguement with people generally around your age but not with your elders?

"I would prefer it if you wouldn't call me that, please"
"Listen sonny, when I was your age..."

Grumble, grumble.

Posted by bard at March 1, 2001 09:48 PM

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