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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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March 09, 2001

I am back!

Yes, again I have returned from the depths much to the dismay of losers such as Louie who fail to recognize the true meaning of the word "rant."

I have recieved many an email in the past few weeks from loyal fans. "Lady X! Where are you? We need your wisdom to save us from this grand slump of X-less humor!" Actually, I lied, I didn't really recieve any emails except for the usual "You can be debt free!" and "Hot, wet, naked teens! Cum on over!"...whatever...for those of you who didn't want me back, I am proud to say a stern "tough noogies" to you all.

For everybody's information, I had a bit of computer trouble for about a week and a half (bastard thing) where my pissant roomie decided to clay up the screwholes on her's so I couldn't use it to fix mine (after she told me I could, btw). Whatever, I fixed mine, and her's still sucks @ss.

After that, last week, I went on spring break on the east coast (a detailed summary to come in sections...not really so much a rant, but whatever, at least I did something with my life :P) where I went to New Jersey to see my incredibly wonderful boyfriend (I will put a warning on the top of the post just in case some people don't really want to read mush. To all of you, I extend a whole-hearted, loving middle finger in your direction), Pennsylvania to see my best friend, and to tour Philadelphia, and New York to see the greatest 80's group since Men Without Hats, Duran Duran. Basically, I've had an eventful few weeks, and am now back in the dull, dreary hell I call college. More on me and my life in the days to come...admit it, you care :P.

Posted by ladyx at March 9, 2001 01:49 AM

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