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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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August 17, 2003

American Idol in Memphis

I went to see American Idol in Memphis last night. For being a bunch of reality TV rubbish, the American Idols put on a great show. I found it ironic that there was a huge ad that said, Pop Tarts (the idols tour is sponsored by Pop Tarts but to me it has double meaning because they are basically pop music tarts. Photos are in the extended entry (lots of photos).

When we got in I saw a crowd around this one guy and I looked at him and I recognized him from American Idol but I didnt know who he was (I looked him up when I got home and he's one of the first American Idol finalist). I overheard someone call him RJ so I went up and said, Hey RJ, could I get your autograph? and he signed my program (it would have been funny if he had said, RJ? Who?) and then he asked me if I wanted to take a photograph with him. I said sure (what the heck, right?) and he put his arm around me (and I put mine around him a bit) and said, Youll have to excuse me. Im sweaty and I smell. I said, Thats ok thinking wft? You offer to hug me and then tell me youre stinkin sweat pile?!

Anyway, now Ive hugged all the threekees, Bill Clinton, Mike Nelson, Cyndi Lauper almost and some dude named RJ who nobody knows who the hell he is. WOO!! He was cute, whoever he is. I hope the photo turned out so I can show everyone I met RJ and they can be envious. You know you want to meet someone that nobody has ever heard of and you dont even know who is but you talked to him anyway just because a crowd of people was around him. Thats an interesting idea for a flash mob. Just have a few dozen folks mob some poor schmuck in the middle of a mall and ask for his autograph.

Anyway, the show was pretty cool. They had lots of neat lighting effects and some pyrotechnics. Heres a note to show organizers though. When the temp outside is 101 and its humid as heck, fire on the stage is not fun. I dont normally sweat but I came out of the arena hot and sweating. I know it had to be about 200 degrees in there.

I got to see Clay. I was expecting them to be horrible in real life but they were pretty good. His voice is really powerful (Reubens too) and I was even surprised that Carmen is less goatlike in person. On the downside, they dont look as good in person. . . Carmen or Julia anyway. Kimberly Caldwell is gorgeous. Bitch. Clay and Reuben pretty much looked the same too. Kim Locke seemed as if she lost some weight.

You can click on the photo for a bigger view. If you would like to buy copies of any of these, e-mail me for info. I have 3 more rolls that I haven't gotten developed so I might get some more great ones (the first one of Clay is my favorite).

Posted by vixen at August 17, 2003 11:50 AM

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