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August 13, 2003

Nugget of Wisdom for Job Searchers

When you interview someone, you pick up on subtle things that people say that they could have said in, perhaps, a better way or more accurately. I just thought I'd share one with y'all since you might be looking for jobs.

When someone asks you what types of computers or what types of computer systems you've worked on or are familiar with, don't say:

"Oh, I've worked lots of different types of computers! At work we used to have a Dell but I have an HP at home. I've also worked on Gateway."

That makes you look like an idiot. It automatically gives you -10 in the "computer literate" category. The correct response would be something like "I'm most familiar with Windows systems but I've also worked on Macs and Linux systems." or just "I've only operated Windows PCs." (Just because I assume someone who doesn't know that all Dells, Gateways and HPs are Windows PCs wouldn't know Linux or a Mac if it bit them in the ass).

That is all. I hope this nugget helps you in some way. Trust me, just sprinkle a bit a computer jargon into your average interview and you'll get the job. Mention Linux and their eyes glaze over and they immediately think you know more than them.

This also works when you actually have the job. Say something like, "Yeah, I was just going to defrag the harddrive to free up some more random access memory for the USB so the SCSI would function properly instead of giving us the BSOD all the time. I mean, we only got 60 kilobytes free and if we maximize the system by expanding the protocols and changing the TCIP to allow pings, we can get at least 10 more MBs!" and, even though that sentence makes no logical sense and you're just playing minesweeper, they'll think you're smart and all is well. Try it sometime.

Posted by vixen at August 13, 2003 08:18 AM

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