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Delirium (di lir` iem) n. a condition of the mind, as during insanity, in which one is restless and keeps thinking and talking wildly.
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June 01, 2001

David Blah!

Why is America obsessed with David Blaine? I admit, I think hes cute (dumb as a post, but nice to look at) and I find his magic interesting. Im also happy to have something to watch besides the election returns (THANK GOD) but is he really important enough to be shown on television every hour just because the idiot froze himself in some ice?
People call him a great magician and a "master like Houdini". Perhaps he is. I think not. During the last few days Ive been exposed to a million interviews with him and not once have I seen him say anything remotely intelligent! He speaks as if the oxygen was deprived from his brain in his last stunt (you remember, he buried himself in a coffin). Ive read a bit about Houdini and I think that he could at least tie his shoes and answer a simple question. I think maybe David is doing all these stunts, not because hes good, but because hes too stupid to do otherwise.|*||*|I guess it's money in his pocket (and this kind of rant is just what he wants, publicity. Im all for giving cute guys what they want {wink wink}). Although, I think that if were David Blaine, Id be scared to freeze the last brain cells I had left. Again, Ill admit I watched the last special/stunt and thought, thats kinda cool. Today, I dont really care. I dont want to see his stupid ice-sculpture of a body on television every morning; I dont want to hear about his amazing talents. Hes no better than a used car salesman trying gimmick advertising. Nothing amazing there. The only amazing thing is that he's still alive (or at least he is as I am posting this, I just saw an update "Live" from wherever the hell he is).|*||*|I know I am looking forward to another street magic show with some blaintly obvious tricks (Some werent blatantly obvious, but some were. Even my dog could figure them out.) Sit down by the tv, get your remotes ready, the popcorn and the ice cold Coke (and hey, who needs an icemaker when you got a chunk of Blaine lying aroung)?

Posted by vixen at June 1, 2001 06:53 AM

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